I wrote this poem in 1992…one of the first poems I documented…

Search – Despite the ravage of Time

Despite the cries and the crime

Till you find yourself

Search – Amidst the ravines and valleys

The gullies and monuments of Life

Search – amongst the good

Search – amongst the bad

Search – amongst the crowds of shadows shuffling, in the dark

Search – till you tire from searching

Search – till your heart breaks

Search – keep searching

Till you find yourself

And when you tire

And lie fainting


Into your soul

Search – the recesses of your mind


Only then

Will you find yourself

© 1992

Wow…that is a whole lotta searching…wonder what I was thinking when I wrote that poem…must have been searching (lol) a lot!!!  Particularly like the line search-amongst the crowd of shadows shuffling in the dark…spooky but poignant because there are shadows shuffling in the dark…we have all been there at some point in our lives…actually many times in our lives…in and out of the dark…hate being in the dark (as usual I digreeesssss!!!! or maybe not – point taken, we are talking about the dark after all).