This is another poem, I have found in a digital file…it was written in 2005

The Lord is the stronghold of my life.

Of whom shall I be afraid?

From what shall I quiver?

Where shall I dare not tread?

The Lord is my Redeemer; my refuge in times of trouble.

Though I walk through the shadow of death; I shall fear no evil

For the Lord is before me; the light of my path

He will comfort me with His rod and His staff

Fighting my battles; waging my wars

Keeping me clothed in His Love

© 2005

the lord is my refuge copy

I had created this as some kind of design…I don’t remember if I wrote the poem in 2005 or created the design in 2005.  I signed it flair cos I had a company called ‘flairdesignrhyme’ back in the day!! But still love both the poem and the design…now, I definitely need to get myself home…I have stopped writing the essay (I’m supposed to be writing) and I’m now playing…might as well go play at home.