Ok…one more even though I really am verrrry sleepy…can’t resist this one…it looks interesting.

An old woman I once saw
Hobble down a cold store
In which fresh meat was sold
Though frozen cold; she seemed not to know
And I wondered within my soul
I approached her and asked 
‘Old lady, may I keep warm your so frozen hands?’
‘No, no’ she replied with a tentative laugh
I’m old and past feeling cold…in days so long gone 
I was young, fresh and warm. But now I’m withered and dry. 
My life is well gone, for I’ve lived well and long…and now 
I’m ready to die. So mind not my hands though frozen so bad: 
for they have lived, they’ve loved and they’ve learnt:
to weather my troubles, to bear all my sorrows,
to face each new day – head on’
As she hobbled right on
I wondered alone
At the beauty and truth of her words
Though wizened and old
And frozen so cold
In her eyes, you’ll behold – a light; oh, so bold
A light that never would die
© 1994

Gosh…is that how I saw old people back in the day as wizened…ready to die…wow. (I used to be terrified of very old people…deep wrinkles just freaked me out) but interesting poem (I really liked colons and semi colons back in the day …still do must admit, well, to an extent). Now, I really am going bed…