Okay…after this…I’m definitely going to log off this blog and get some work done…(for my own good)


Do you get a laurel…

…a crown…a bag of gold

for every time you use a word

that never should be heard?

Are you paid with praises…

…or ‘famed’ by all the world

every time you curse or swear

– when you could simply talk?

Is it for your ego…

or some dreams you can’t fulfil?

Or are you simply stupid…

and will caustic soda do?

For your mouth I’ll have to rinse out;

If you dare to curse or swear

whenever I am with you

– So please speak to me with care

© 1995


Yikes!!! I’m scared of me in 1995!  I was definitely feisty and no-nonsense…too bad I swear like a trooper now (when I am pissed off… I can’t help it…the words just flow out my mouth…painting the town blue!!!)  So glad…we don’t have parallel lives and 1995 ‘me’ can’t turn up on my doorstep and give me ‘what for’ for all the (not going to say) that I get up to…including cussing (at my sister’s wedding (cringe, blush, hide under a stone)…that was baaaaaddddd….not bad good…bad terrible)