Okay…(not again)…I did say I was going to get some work done and I am…just that I want to post two more and then I need to get some work done (if not the s..t will definitely hit the fan and it will be all on me…my own doing…not taking responsibility for my ‘responsibilities’…so ‘I have been warned’ by me…(hah)…let’s hope I take ‘me’ seriously…)


Don’t sing me praises

If you have nothing to say

I’d rather you just be real

And criticise my ways in the proper way

Without demeaning me

Don’t say I’m frail, I’m delicate or pale

When I know I’m as strong as can be

Don’t be domineering or simply patronising

I’d rather you just let me be

A woman I am

It’s no news – that

So don’t repeat it to me

A mirror I own

I fend for my own

So don’t get cocky with me

Don’t tell me tales of your conquests and girls

For I really don’t care, you see

I’m here for a purpose

Not to hear you propose

But to live till I am fulfilled

© 1995


Alrighty-0!  So 1995 ‘me’ basically took no prisoners… all out annihilation…don’t chat me up-full stop!!  Okay…(must have been a tad defensive…back in the day…to pen this poem…being wolf-whistled and chat up must have really got my back up…wow).