Ok…here comes another rant…or is it? Maybe another profound musing. Defo seemed to have quite a lot of profound musings when I was much younger. 
Love is blind; though Lust can see

The fat pocket and the wealthy freak

Love is blind-she sees with her heart

Lust can see yet is blind as a bat

Love is blind; as true as touch

Flaming coals; ice cold snow

Lust can see- her outstretched arms

Are tentacles of venom

Love is blind-she feels her way

Lust can see yet is lost in her ways

Love is blind; caring, kind

Lust is a wide-eyed vixen

© 1994

Oh wow…(snap!) I remember this poem…I would bring it out and read to my friends and some will tell me they don’t get it and my heartthrob at the time would tell me that love and lust were the same…and I would kinda doubt myself and put the poem away…(jeez)