Aw…here’s 1992 ‘me’ going all mushy…


And as the sunshine 

Brings light and the day bright

So your smile lights up my life

From webs of darkness

O love of my life; Joy in my cries

Smile amidst tears; Solace I crave

The love you give can’t be taken

The trust I feel can’t be broken

A shell is hard a nut to crack

Within our love forever lies

This trust

This love

This protective shell

All for me 

Unworthy me

The solace I crave 

© 1992 


Oh no…I thought I was unworthy??? Poor 1992 ‘me’…what did I know about love…ah (young love ❤️❤️) He must have been in seventh heaven when I wrote him this poem …(the cheating so and so…) don’t even know why I’m getting upset for 1992 ‘me’…I probably wouldn’t even listen to 2016 ‘me’ if I could go back in time and admonish my younger self to stop being so doe-eyed