This is an interesting one…it comes with a little foot note (hmmm) Must have been written  in 1992, 1993…I guess. It is not dated. I just signed my name (hmmm)

Living a lie

Merged with the crowd

Of shufflers

Real and unreal

Seeking to find

Possessing no eyes

I have searched for a thing


In a world of shufflers

And loafers 

Pretending to be more

Than they are

I have searched and found

My ‘calling’

With the borrowed eyes of Thought

©  circa 1993 

I am just as confused as you…I guess. I have absolutely no idea what I was on…and what I was writing about…okay (I need to hold my horses) I still have a footnote to transcribe. Okay…the footnote says “the poem is about ‘decision’ and the will to be; (whaa…??) -living a lie- refers to the pretence employed when we step into shoes that don’t fit ie (gosh…this is long…I can’t transcribe this…I’ll be here all night (what a load if waffle!!!) It just carries on and on…here is a pic

See all that tiny text underneat poem that’s font size 6…first I’ll be straining my eyes, second it’s not even a poem, just some (waffle) footnote I wrote in (circa) 1993 to a very very very confusing poem. So there…I am done transcribing. Time for the next poem…