Oh…one for mum as well? (…good girl). Thought my younger self only mused about the world and ‘mister heartthrob’. Nice that…at least I was family-oriented(-ish)

You’ll never hear a whisper of what she would prefer

My mother lets us be yourself and turn out as you may

She’ll watch you as you blossom

She’ll catch you when you fall

She never turns a blind eye to your failings and your faults

She’ll be there when you need her

She’ll stand back when you don’t 

She won’t ever desert you and leave you to your hurt

She’s the sweetest pillow ever when tears you wish to shed

The hardest rock there’ll ever be for foundation to be laid

She’s my thoughtful tutor, my shrewd big sister

my faithful friend as well

A most precious gift I have indeed

My mother’s love for me

© 1994
Ah…yeah my mum’s still like that (never turn a blind eye to your failings)…(but in a sweet way) don’t think my 1994 ‘self’ saw it that way…but my younger self loved mum as much as my older self does…so it’s all good