And I wrote one for my sister…ah…we were pretty close as kids (still are(-ish)…)


She’s a bit trussed up

my sister

Not like a cockerel though

A bit like a whirlwind

of supposition and yearning

for things that are meant to be

She’s a bit silly

my sister

funny and impatient too

Eager to notice; be noticed

Eager to speak her mind too

She’s a bit forward

my sister

Wanting to fight for her share

Yearning to learn

and straining to earn

The respect that is her due

© 1994
Ah…there’s even a little Tinkerbell sticker…

and my sister and I used to squabble a looottttt cos she would follow me around the house (and I hated it…siblings eh?) but at least my 1994 self wrote her a poem. I must have been carrying pen and paper everywhere!!!!