Suitor?…whaaa?  Okay…


I don’t mind so much

a male one

– But give him muscles too

Give him strength and courage

To carry; when I fall

Give him lots of answers

To things I do not know

Give him wise and wily

ways about the world

Make him see the future

-Not through the crystal ball;

Through thought and smart

prediction of what will 

cause; effect

Give him gentle manners

My hero to become

Make him bright and bonny

My son; though yet unborn

Help him teach the others

what good men to be

for I do not mind a male one

if he be like him

I create from imaginings

of what I hope to be

A male one to my doorstep

come to seek out me


© 1994

What is all this ‘male one’ business? 1994 ‘me’ was so melodramatic!