Yep…definitely another lovelorn letter (poem)

You can never touch me;

Try though you might

You can never reach me; 

For I will hide

-I’ve a thousand places to hide within

And stay without your touch

You can never hurt me for what I am

For you’ll never know me as I truly am

I’ve a thousand faces

-All schooled to watch and guard my interests by the clock

You can never love me for who I am

For I’ve ‘love’ enough for me alone

– Loved by those who truly know

The person that I am

I’ve ‘love’ stored up for rainy days

I’ve ‘love’ to sprinkle when I may

I’ve ‘love’ to bursting within me

-Loved by those I truly know…who know me as I am

© circa 1994

I didn’t date this poem but I remember it…I wrote it after crying for two days …for (you know who) and I showed it to my hearthrob’s brother …telling him that I gave gotten over his brother (how droll) (cringe)…I remember him saying I should show it to my hearthrob…and I’m like …’no…I have people who love me…my family…I don’t need him’.  Seriously, if I could go back in time I would whup my 1994-95 ‘self’. Get over him already …jeez!! My whole life at the time must gave revolved around this guy…I’m surprised I even kept some of these poems…oh…I remember I did want to burn them one time…but hearthrob’s brother told me not to…(what on earth did I think at the time…seriously…hanging onto my hearthrob’s family…why am I even referring to him as hearthrob? What’s that about…? I’m going to refer to him as Mr young playa from now on…)