Oooh…another love song to Mr young playa

Exquisite, gentle, fervent persuasion 

lead me to the bridge

Take hold of my fears

Toss them to the wind

Take me by the hand

Lead me to the light

-Breathtaking and bright

Your touch makes me water

with expectation 

Your kiss is a dream come to life

And the love that you make

is persuasion 

-That leads me to the light

© 3rd April 1995

OMG!!!…(I need to check something…oh wow!!…this poem was written three days before my younger self wrote ‘heartbreak’…oh no!!! I don’t think I like this journey into ‘self-discovery’ …well, how my younger ‘forever writing poetry’ self thought…poor chil’ (actually serves my ‘1994 self’ right…gullible to the core)…I shouldn’t be so hard on my younger self …all that experience has made me who I am today (I guess…to an extent)