So many poems…! Definitely need a break after this one…will probably take me all week to transcribe this collection…

Sorrow hears no voices

Neither can she see

Blindly she commences

Upon her stumbling feet

Bumping into persons

Of very high renown

Falling amongst peasants

In their sparsely furnished homes

Sorrow bears no malice

Neither is she fed

By tears or piteous wailing

Or the bodies of the dead

Sorrow knows no future

A whisper in the wind 

Blown through cities, towns and people 

And outward to the sea

Sorrow has no feeling 

Of anguish caused and felt 

At pale dawn; crimson sunrise 

Slow dusk; studded night

© 1994

Another deep and melancholic poem from my 1994 self…at least it’s better than pining over…whatsisname…so far my younger self was melodramatic, melancholic, lovestruck, family oriented-ish and prayed…(definitely profile of a poet…beginning to see why I was forever writing)