Sounds ominous…but I like it!

Do you think I should be gratefui 
because you take me out for a drink?
Do you think I should be grateful 
because you care to smile at me?
Do you think I should die if you walk away
leaving me high and dry
Do you think I should love you
when you hit me and curse when I am only human?
Do you think I should bow down to your every wish
ever so grateful to be alive; living in your shadow?
Do you think I should deny myself what I want in life
so you could feed on your ego?
Do you think I owe you my life…my thoughts…my heart
when you are selfish with yours?
I don’t think so
© March 1995

Ok…feisty…bit worried about the …hit me and curse…I’m pretty sure Mr young playa didn’t hit me (I hope he didn’t ever…can’t quite remember any incident). Another worrying fact is that this poem was written a month before ‘heartbreak’…so if my young self was this feisty, why…(I know why…infatuation of the highest order…not going to call it love…)