Another untitled poem that I could probably think of a title for…

The things that make you smile in life 

Barely cost a dime 

But the things that make you cry aloud 

Could cost you half your life 

The things that make you dance with joy

Are somtimes barely seen 

But the things that make you wail and grieve 

Are large, bulky and mean 

The smiles you share on Life’s long road 

Are tokens from the past

That make you rich as you move on

Along Life’s rocky path 

© 1995

I surprise myself…seriously what did I really know about life (nah…that is so negative,of course I knew stuff about life). Young people actually know a lot more than you think…this collection is proof of that…I was a sapling yet had so much to say…(hats off to 1995 ‘me’)