Not again…untitled…

Life is made of little victories 

Like jewels in the light 

Twinkling gems that shine so bright 

Reflecting our plight 

When confused we sit on fickle thrones

Adored by all and none

For plastic smiles and empty laughs 

Pay homage to our faults 

Life is made of lip service 

Betrayals of the heart

For strongest men;

The largest crowd wil gather where they are

And when they’re weak

Not one of these will stoop to break their fall

Life is made of depth and width

Our strength from deep within

For true living is in our hearts

A bounty from within 

That glows so bright for all to see 

In this world’s fickle light 

© 1995

Well, I definitely was a deep thinker. I wonder if I still think this deep? (seriously doubt it…too playful…) I must have been walking around with furrowed brow (weight of the world on my shoulders…bless)