Well…back in 1995, I did not title this next poem, although I can think of a few titles for it…but keeping to my promise (warts and all) I’m going to transcribe all the poems in my collection just as they are, when I wrote them years ago.


mother of nations

Trainer of children

Breasts to be suckled

The nectar of Life runs in our bones

Your strength we sap as we grow old

Yet you smile in the face of constant worry

Pain – you endure

Our lives you assure


and they say you are weak

A sapling in the wind

Blown by change against the grain

And they spit on your words

And laugh at your courage

Relegating you to duties such as porridge,

dusting, cleaning, birth machine


I stand at your door

I pay my respects

I step aside for you

© 1995

So I was a feminist as well…okay…(it’s definitely all falling into place) okay…maybe not a feminist…gosh I say it like it’s a bad word…what is wrong with me today? Of course…I’m a feminist and proud to be (cha) we are being honest here (no holds barred, right?…yeah right!!)