getting interesting…

When I was younger, I never could cook

My cooking made hunger flee when it could

My kettle burnt over

For tea; not a drop

My eggs always stuck to the pot

My bacon and sausage were burnt to a cinder

My oats were as hard as a rock

Then, I decided breakfast was the hardest 

I’d try to make supper instead 

Beans turned to roast

Rice always smoked

My casserole…stuck in my throat

So, a supper disaster

Lunch a no-no

Breakfast could never write home

One comfort that saw me through those years of smoke

Was my father’s support when he said:

“It may not be perfect

but the effort tastes good

and the effort has all that it should”

1998 copyright reserved

My younger ‘self’ was an abysmal cook…I burnt everything…(so imagine me ‘terrible cook’ feeding a child…! I remember my mum telling me that I could give my son mashed potatoes…except that I had no idea how to mash potatoes) my younger self…hmmm.