I am definitely taking a break after this…too many poems in this collection

Picasso on the wall

Flags flying for all to see 

Children playing hopscotch in the ‘street’

Strolling by without a care; people smile, they talk, they stare

Children laughing; playing games 

Different attires; different names

A man walks fast; knapsack on his back

Another strolls; popcorn in a bowl 

Colours mix – Black and White

Different sexes; different genes

A poet writes; scribbling fast

Has to catch this moment. -Now

A man watches; chewing gum

Another nods off; fast asleep

A swedish girl; camera in hand

Captures the moment before it is gone

Time to go home; now off they go 

In different colours;different clothes 

1994 copyright reserved 

Nice change…I remember this day…used to go to Royal Festival Hall a lot…one of my haunts when I was younger.  Like this poem…shows perception.