I’m already scared to transcribe poem…don’t know what I’ll find as keep reading…(I’m all for female empowerment …but 1998 ‘me’ took it a step too far…as though every single man on earth was evil…(it’s too much)…I really hope I don’t spend weeks transcribing vitriolic poems…very dampening…
Thinking mind

Flashing eyes

Lashing tongues

Ambiguous hands

To soothe or crush

A swaying walk

Beguiling eyes

Smiling lips

To entice; deride

A gentle touch

A wicked clutch

Your heart is hers

To touch or torch

A sweet laugh

With venom laced

Words that swifty 

End your chase

Soft as a pillow

A banshee at heart

Her waters are mellow

Her currents run wIld

1998 copyright reserved 

(I can’t do this…I need a break…)