This was written in 1995…(during my boomerang period…was on the rebound…trying to get over mr young playa…

What is this feeling that has crept over me?
This feeling- this emotion
That will not let me be
This riddle; this puzzle
I’m pleasing; I’m living
In the shadow of you
What is this feeling?
I don’t understand 
This craving; this longing
To be at your side
This puzzle; this riddle
I hang on your words
I read different meanings into things that you say
Oh where am I heading?
I’ve never felt this before 
What’s this that’s happening?
I’m losing my cool
What is this feeling?
Oh tell me…do tell
What is this feeling that has stolen my ‘flow’
1995 copyright reserved 

My 1995 ‘self’ was truly smitten…(hook, line and sinker!)