…here we go again…(like a yoyo…blowing hot and cold …weak;strong, bold;timid …seriously…)
I read your eyes

I saw your hurt

I saw the pain

I saw the shatter of our love

But tears failed me

I saw you gather all the ashes

And try to conjure their return to the substance of our love

Before the blazes and the scorching of betrayal and mistrust 

I saw you try to hide your feelings

And I wept within my soul

But tears failed me

Tears-my longtime companion 

Tears that never left my side

As through careless hurt you dragged me unbidden to your side

Tears that dogged my footsteps

As betrayal you adorned, laughing at my love

And now I stand apart; play you at your game 

And it hurts

1996 copyright reserved

Oh yeah…1996 ‘self’ was moving on (I got pregnant for someone else……). So that’s how…ah (this is soooo private…oh gosh)