Interesting title…what happened?

I watched her dance through the night 

And felt a twinge of delight 

She swirled and twirled

Her skirt rose high

Her movement liquid

Her smile so shy

I saw him watch 

My heart stopped 

I danced with gusto 

I dance with lust

Her eyes meet mine

I’m mesmerised


I can’t decide

I dance all night

Now my feet hurt

He still won’t budge

I dance a dirge

Her movement slows

My worry grows

At the cowardice 

I cannot hide

His eyes meet mine

I say goodbye 

The night is old

I have to go

We say goodbye 

Oh what a night!

My cowardice

Oh what a price!

1998 copyright reserved 

I remember going clubbing with my friends in 1998 and totally letting loose on the dance floor…some guy kept looking at me but never approached me…I was devastated …(he was first guy to make my heart flutter since breaking up with mr young playa and having a baby…)