…interesting title…hope it’s not another raging bull rant…

Woman you have come far

Doors have been barred 

Comforts disallowed 

Insults you have adorned 

Bruises you have worn

Pain you have borne 

Like the cross with a thorn

Woman of you I am proud

You are shown for who you are

You stand tall amongst the tall

Soon their stilts will bring them low

Woman you have come far

A jewel in the dark

A sparkle that breathes fire

Queen; she-lion

You are made of noble stock 

In your veins there runs blue blood

You’re a winner

You’re a rock

Woman, keep your head high

When he lies I will deny

With a mightier pen than a sword

I declare to all the world

Woman you have come far!

1998 copyright reserved 

I can’t say I really understand 1998 ‘me’…the vitriolic is too toxic! (was I this person??? gosh!!!) forever on the attack!!