‘I can’t swim’ I told you more than once

‘I’ll drown’ I did repeat

‘You’ll swim’ you lied between clenched teeth

‘You’ll win’ you did repeat

And now I’m down in waters deep

Without a hand to hold

My fevered arms now growing taut

From despair and bereave

And if I live; I swear once more

I’ll never trust again; a man like you

So suave; so smooth 

So learned in deceit

Part 2

The bridge is burnt; I cannot go

Left nor right

A lost fight

I’ve sunk so far; I’m left alone

In waters most unkind

No help is near; no heart does care

This life of mine does die

I’m like a cat; I’ve four to spend

Although I’ve wasted five

On trust biased to favour one

Yourself and you alone

I swear to you that these four left

I’ll truly spend most wise

No man will gloat for evermore

At your disastrous might

1994 copyright reserved 

My younger self!!!!!! Arrrrggggghhh!!!!!!! (getting sick of this journey …but it can only get better…can’t wait to see how I got over mr young playa!)