(bet it’s another love song…aw…my younger self did not let up…(bit tiring transcribing all this luvvyduvvy stuff…don’t mind me – being bit of a cynic…you can’t blame me though…half the poems in this collection so far have been about a guy…arghh…it’s just…)

You make me smile
At the past -I do laugh
You make me cry
Lonely parks; you are so far
You make me speak
-with the beeps and the clicks
of the set that rings clear
and is now my despair 
You make me see
That life’s filled with bliss
When we don’t take amiss
What the fates deem must be
You make me ask
When I never did care
If my steps did lead on
Or end as they care
You make me be
As true as I dare
-To me
1994 copyright reserved

(I rest my case…it is toooooo muchhhh…whaaa…deep thinking younger ‘me’ is so much more fun…do not like the love-sick pup routine…okay, on to the next poem …or song (tsk)