You say you need two women

What do you think we are? 

Buttons to sew on your lapel?

Flowers to pick as you go?

You say one woman is boring

What kind of guy are you anyhow?

Don’t you think women make conversation?

Or do you just take them to bed?

You say women are two a dime

Well, that depends on where you look, my guy

Maybe, you pick on the down and out

Women who’ve been battered to the ground

You say women are fickle and fussy

Well, we have a problem at hand

We are trying to deal with your ego so big

It just will not be contained 

You say women should know their place 

Should be seen but never heard

There’s something I’ve got to tell you, my man

If no other woman has

We condone your attitude

Not because we must

But because we are mothers

We’re sisters and then lovers

We listen to your problems

We put our lives at risk

We put aside our problems 

Just to keep you pleased 

And not because we fear you

And not always out of love

But because we are so much older

And you are so young at heart

1995  copyright reserved 

(ratatat tat tat tat tat……..) wow…my younger ‘self’…you tell ‘im!!!!!!  (he – mr young playa- did not like this poem at all…said it was too feminist…(lmao)…wow…(it’s all coming back to me…) was he turning me into a ‘man-hater’? Nah…(why am I even thinking about what mr young playa said or didn’t say…(tsk)…) next!!