I saw this poem and couldn’t resist transcribing it. Trying not to draw too much attention cos no one at home (my husband especially) have seen me near any of these poems in such a long time…they must be wondering what I am up to (ha)…that would be telling

Slide out when you are done and I’ll be gone

Because the pleasure is all yours when you cone

And I cry ‘Yes! Oh yes!! Ooooh my!’

But this affirmation is just a silly old song

To make you feel you’re the man

You see, I have come into my own

And I know what I want

How I want what I want

To feel, to gasp with desire

Firing cannons 

Deep inside me

I know how I want to be touched 

To smoulder

Burn with passionate fire

As I ride higher and higher

And scream ‘Yes!’ with meaning

Every fibre of my being reeling 

Sizzling with feeling 

Not numb and boring

Trying to stop snoring 

As you ride on your own high 

So, slide out when you are gone and I’ll be gone

2003 copyright reserved

I totally, absolutely decline to comment on why I wrote this poem in 2003. (my 2003 ‘self’ was obviously very vocal) …I remember performing this poem at open mic with my husband and son in the audience (aaaarhh!!!) …don’t think I can do that now (open mic, I mean…oooh my thoughts…(tut tut) 😏)