Okay…not too sure what this poem is about based on title…but going to type it up and find out…

My past glories 

I’ll stick in a belt

My future I’ll pursue 

With fervent step 

The things I have done 

I’ll stick in a notch 

The things I will do

I’ll try not to abuse

My ‘has-beens’ died

With yesterday’s goodbye 

Today I just strive 

To live a good life 

So forgive me

If I’m not frightfully mad

I won’t take spliff 

I won’t sleep with a rat

If I drill any man

Before he takes up any of my time

If I’m rude and obscure 

When your vision is narrow

Conversation dull

If I make a decision 

And then find a reason

To turn it around 

If I don’t spend my time

Searching for answers 

No one can find

Forgive me

If religion I seek

To safeguard my children 

To restore my peace

If my vision is broad

I spend my life giving

I will not be bought

Forgive me

If the person you knew

Has turned into soneone

You cannot control 

1998 copyright reserved

I know why I wrote this! Some of my acquaintances (…not going to call them friends …being little petty, I know (it’s my prerogative)…) some of my ‘friends’ began to find me boring in 1998…cos I wouldn’t go raving anymore. You have to understand that I was a wild child…(don’t know if I should write this (I ran away from home when I was fourteen…from mum’s to dad’s)…I used to party like craaaazzzyyy…wore safely pins in my ears…all sorts…would drink till I threw up….) then I mellowed when I had my son…all my friends used to say that if I could have a baby, anyone can… 

Please remember this is part of therapy for me…I’m just being really honest…I don’t know if I am ready for this particular poem to be reposted…too sensitive information but I trust this community (of bloggers, poets , writers). Sorry…poem can be reposted…just not all this background info I have typed below poem (am I being finicky and paranoid….?). Okay next poem…