I’m not too sure why I wrote this poem…(still don’t know- none of my friends were getting married …(probably, getting engaged I think) …or maybe we were just talking marriage and stuff…

God bless your marriage

As you walk down the aisle

As you look into eyes

As you share a command

For richer, for poorer

To have and to hold

For better, for worse

In sickness, in health

God bless your marriage

This choice you have made

These rings you have saved

This day you have graced

May your home fill with laughter

With children to scold

Chidren to cuddle 

Children to hold 

God bless your marriage

Everday from today 

Everywhere that you go

Everytime you’re alone

1998 copyright reserved 

I remember why I wrote this…one of my friends (the very first of us to get married) was getting married and I couldn’t attend the wedding because my son had chicken pox…aha (gosh…I wrote about everything !! …ha (still do)…)