Yay! A 1999 poem! Nice…was worried didn’t write anything in 99. 

Congratulations on your new baby boy!

What baby boy?

Gulliver’s boy…I know you were pregnant, so Caroline said

Caroline said…? Gulliver’s boy?

You’re an item, I hear

I am paired up with Gulliver, how could that be?

I hear you got married in secret last week

I married Gulliver?

You proposed to him. So Angela said. We know it was sudden but it was your dream

My dream to marry Gulliver Smith?

You were pregnant by him

I was pregnant by Gulliver? How could that be? Gulliver Smith is nothing to me!

But Caroline said, Jennifer told her that things happened fast

On whose account?

Well Jamie told Jenny, so Caroline said

What exactly was said?

You were buddy with Gulliver and things happened fast

Well, news travels fast because Gulliver Smith just married Shanice

You are Shanice!

Shanice from the East

Oh…Shanice from the East! But nobody said anything about East!

What does that mean?

I just told Shanice you were married to him

You just told Shanice I am married to Gulliver whom she married last week?

Nobody said anything about East

If you thought I was pregnant, were have you been?

Oh you know how it is, I have been busy, you see

Oh yes, you’ve been busy, that I can see

1999 copyright reserved 
Ooooh I like this poem…(definitely like 1999 ‘me’…feisty!)