This was written in 2002!! What happened between to 99, 2000 and 2001? No poetry…? Hmmmm. 
My name speaks volumes

As I dance to its pronunciation 

I realise I will not alter this name

To suit a plastic world

For this name speaks of warriors 

In a land of red sand and drums

Rhythm grown in the home

In the dance of the pestle

The shake of the basket 

The grind of the stone

As food warms the home

This name speaks of hurt and pain

Learning to live again

I dance when called 

At my heritage and birthright 

The authenticity of who I am

Its nuances and intonations 

I will not play dowm

So call me again and light up my eyes

With the sweet breath of hone

I find in my name

At the scent of the grass mingled with rain

As it kisses the soil of Africa

2002 copyright reserved
I know why I wrote this…I had a friend who anglicised his name and I met a couple of other people…who did the same…all doing this name change thing cos they said it gave them better prospects for job interviews.  But 2002 ‘me’ just wasn’t having it…(going through an afrocentric stage…hmmm)