Interesting title…
Minds so small

It’s a wonder they think at all

From pilar to post

They have nowhere to go

Lost in the maze of their thinking world

‘Hello’ you should say

Dissect and divide

You’ve set their minds working 

They wonder at large

‘Hello’ has been said, ‘what could it mean?’

‘Obviously somebody wants something from me!’

A compliment you pay

How sad a demise!

What lust-ridden thoughts come flying your way

Eyes that are piercing with suspicion filled

Compliments mean a lot more than mere words

A man with a woman walking a dog

Must be a lover

Her husband I know

A girl all of sixteen to a party she goes

It’s drugs she’ll be doing and raising her skirt

A baby is crying alone in a pram

Though mother is watching 

What a crime is confirmed!

Abandoned! Rejected!

No mother at all!

Poor child is suffering, left all alone

Friends in a gathering all having fun

It’s obvious they are lesbian, homo and bi

Lovers, they pass by

Sitting alone

Hands touching faces

Eyes speaking to eyes

Same sex, they confirm with a huff and a grunt

No doubt they are Aids-ridden being same sex and all

Small minds in a small world

From pillar to post

Confused in their wandering 

With no idea at all!

Yeah…back in the day…my younger self could not stand judgmental people…and believe me…there were so many judges!!