I remember this poem…it’s nothing heavy (thank goodness). 
He should have received compensation

Is it such a taboo?

Did I say something wrong?

When it is true

Anywhere else he would have too

For trauma, injury 

Oh yeah…the onlookers too

For distress 

Plaster plastered in their face

But no…hush,hush

It is taboo to claim compensation for such a ‘do’

Father received an OBE

Why should he blink at plaster free?

Yes, he’s hurt but carry on

The honour’s greater than my son

His wounds will heal

But mine won’t heal if an earthquake stopped ‘the’ award

Nothing must stop this OBE

Even if rocks were too fall on us all!

1998 copyright reserved

Oh…(take it back)…it is a bit heavy. There was a news story at the time that someone was receiving an OBE from the Queen and part of the plaster on the ceiling gave way…I remember being (very cynical …I was obviously very cynical in 1998) …angry that there was no news of compensation and that the ceremony just carried on …like nothing happened.