Not too sure what this is about from the title but I like it…

I want to experience the world 

I want to write a song 

I want to taste the world

To weigh its salt 

To see what sauce makes laughter false

What rush gives drugs a push

I want to live like a queen 

In the land of my dreams

I want to feel lonely

Shipwrecked; at sea

I want to live life through the things that I see

With an open mind

To see what they see

I want to be alert 

I want to be of help

I want to wipe their tears

To sing a dirge 

To match their steps 

To join the march 

To picket, defend

A once-lost cause 

I want to know their names

To be their friend

To assuage their fears 

To make them men

I want to take a pen

To write a song

To tell the tale of everyone 

1998 copyright reserved

I’m beginning to really dig 1998 ‘me’. Oh wow…storyteller aye? Nice…I like (I want to be like you ‘when I grow up’ 1998 ‘me’…) don’r mind me…fooling around as per usual. Really like who I am beginning to see…on to next poem…