I remember this poem…there was some Fela memorial ‘dance/do’ being organised and I decided to write a poem using titles of all his soundtracks. 
With rofo rofo fight

I call on the unknown soldier 

And the beasts of no nation

I ask the vagabonds in power to step down

Pay no mind to the noise for vendor mouth

And fear not for man

For water no get enemy

Even though there is no agreement 

And our people are suffering and smiling 

Because of the authority stealing 

And the sorrow, tears and blood 

With so much confusion 

Everything is upside down 

Yet in spite of the army arrangement 

We go shout plenty why poor man dey suffer

Because observation is no crime

And we hear our children cry

Teacher don’t teach me nonsense 

Yet which head never steal?

Here in London, we see everything scatter 

As dog eat dog when question jam answer

Because Mr Follow Follow is a zombie 

In America, the perambulator

Is an international teef teef 

Who pays no heed to the black man’s cry

In Naija, just like that, overtake don overtake

And the vagabonds in power claim there is no bread

And resort to unnecessary begging 

We have reached a stalemate 

There is no time for shakara 

Let confusion break bone

Of the original sufferhead, the yellow fever

The perambulator, the zombie and Mr Follow Follow

Because it is an open and close case

That bad leadership is very expensive shit

2003 copyright reserved 

I still really enjoy listening to Fela’s music (don’t have any on my phone though). I think he died in 1987??