I know it’s Fathers’ Day and I really should be looking for a poem I wrote about my dad…but I can’t seem to find one…maybe it’s because I could never put what I feel about my dad in words…cos every time I think of what to say…my heart just bursts with pride…with so much pride (most dads are great…but mine is DAD…he is magical, supportive, loving, awesome, always has my back, loves me unconditionally, daddy…

okay…now to the poem, written in 1999


I don’t have a problem with where I come from

I am proud of my origin

Thick, curly hair

Lips pouting wide

Eyes widespread oval

With deep pools of light

Rhythm in my soul

Dancing in my stride

Feet placed on the ground

As wide hips pulsate

Skin of bronze and luminous

Voice of ancient melodies

Jibes at my origin

Underline peculiarities

The wealth of a man is his enemies

Envious of how great he’s become

So next time you sit next to me

Look into my eyes; you’ll see them dance

Proudly to those ancient drums

Melodies I bring along, from my native motherland

Africa – home of warriors

To you I always will belong

© 1999


I like this poem by my 1999 ‘self’…it’s just that I can’t really think poetry right now…I’m just transcribing from a collection…I miss my dad…wish he was here right now…(and not so many miles away…) yay!!! I just riffled through my collection and found a poem…not about my dad…about a granpa…I’ll transcribe that next…