Interesting poem…written in 1999


swing to the beat of a hey and a ho and a hey noddy ho

You, baby father are no angel

Living like a lover

Sowing hate as you go

Hanging at the club with your ‘indo’

How’s your baby mother and your four little girls/

I hear you had another

Do you really think though, kids without a father are going to thank you?

Now, Jason was a brother and a cool dude too

With a fat pay packet and a little johnny too

Swinging with the mothers of his kids-to-be

They couldn’t play the game but neither could he

‘Children are a blessing’ Jay would say

‘You could never have too many kids today’

Jay take a peek at the mirror inside

Look him in the eye and tell him no lies

Children are a blessing, so we know

You are depressing for treating them so

They are the future; you are the past

Don’t burn your bridges; make it last

You want to be a father; play the game

Be a proper dada to the kids you sire

Jason’s going loony; nowhere to turn

Doesn’t know his kids; though they’re all grown

A knock at the door and Jason meets

An image of what he used to be

‘So you are my father’, the image speaks

‘I wish I had never tried to seek

-A surname to the name I bear

I’m ashamed to be here’

Jason takes unsteady steps

Flat on his face in a stupor again

Hallucinations are all he’s got

Between booze and dreams – he’s not worth much

Jason’s dying; it’s time to go

But peace is not a word he knows

Twenty-one kids

But not one to hold his hand as the angels come


© 1999


I remember writing this…and it has a tune that I hum to as well…(1999 ‘me’ was pretty interesting)