…written in 2002…I really like my 2002 ‘self’…seemed pretty ‘keyed on’…knew what she wanted…(so I’m curious to find out what be a man is about)


Take my breath away

Be a man

Do your thing

Call the shots

Make amends

Tame the beast

Rule the roost

Say the things that you mean

Walk tall

Do me proud

Let me wear you like a crown

Give it backbone

Give it firm

Give your gender accolades

Be the man

My man

Not the wishy-washy tramp

Neither here nor there

Bed-hopping little runt

Fathering babies all around

Sometimes even losing count

Be a man

The man

Make sisters, mothers proud

Give it punch

Give it firm

Give it backbone

Be a man

© October 2003


okay…seemed to really focus on what men should or shouldn’t do…(a lot)…hmmm