my younger ‘self’ wrote this for a friend’s 18th or 21st…think it was her 21st…


Celebrate Age

The passing of Time

Mood swings

Learning to make up your mind

People who cross you

People who don’t

Promises broken

Loyalties shown

Celebrate Life

The knowledge you have

Good and bad habits woven with time

Into the workings of your mind

Celebrate Joy

Celebrate Time

Days spent together

Nights flying by

Celebrate You

The older you get

The bolder your vision

Don’t live to regret

A chance never taken

A wish never made

A word never spoken

A trip never made

© 1999


yeah…definitely for her 21st…we used to be club buddies…forever partying…(she actually got married that year…) …to us (1999 ‘me’ and my friends…she was in for a ball and chain!!)