okay…! getting pretty used to this hot and cold business from younger me…(sigh)…not


Forbidden love

Playing with emotions


Playing house when the lights are dim

Letting loose

Chasing dreams; forbidden

Little gestures, whispered trust, tender kisses: shattered

By ties to expectation

Ties to rules unspoken

He trusts; she loves

He loves; she trusts

All is shattered, broken

By ties to rules unspoken

A spark ignites emotions

Outpouring of devotion

Bridges crossed, rules broken

Love once forbidden is now in season

© 1999


I suspect why my younger ‘self’ wrote this poem in 1999…(was being a bit naughty…some bootee call…(I am something else…why on earth would I even confess this on a blog?…cause I’m in good company, that’s why!!)…yeah so this ‘b…call’ was out of bounds…not saying if happened or not …got selective memory…and can’t remember)