Another interesting title…written in 2002…


I love the chase

to catch a dream

to taste it

hold it

feel it

I love to run

on swift toes

dashing, diving, leaping

To fly against the open sky

rage against the rising tide

To catch a dream beyond my reach

I love the rush

of coming tops

of holding my spot


Appreciating all I can achieve

I love the chase

I love the rush

I love the honey of non-stop

the push that comes to shove

the jungle justice code

of survival of the bold

I love the chase

© November 2002


I like 2002 ‘me’…(I love the chase…! oooh…predatory! raaah!) like it…actually thought it would be about something else (wow…how my mind works…but who can blame me? My younger ‘self’ definitely seems to blow hot and cold…one minute it’s deep thinking…the next…guys…afrocentric…didn’t know what to expect when saw the title – It’s all in the chase- could have been anything…but it’s about ambition…nice (i like)