Another untitled poem…don’t understand why my 1999 ‘self’ had this habit of just writing without even thinking of a title…would have been great to have a title…especially when it’s a long poem like the one I am about to transcribe…


Two wealthy old women hobbled right in

Furs hanging off their pale, thin skin

Thin from moisture drying out

Pale from daytime staying in

One was grumpy, the other not

One pretentious, the other not

One had come to know Life’s worth

To share a smile along Life’s road

The other in pearls, diamonds decked

Swathed her feathers round her neck

Haughty glares she cast around, angry at what Life had done

By picking her instead of one low-class loafer slopping around

She had grown up very proud

The world around her to command

Now she sat with baited breath

Refusing audience to regret

Nastier than she had ever been

She hissed at the doctors who wheeled her in

She could pay their salaries twice

With enough money to boggle their minds

So why could they not turn around

The verdict cast upon her world

A cancer growing every day

Spread around

Take the pain away!

Heal me! Slow and fumbling fools

Or out! Go! Begone with you!’

The other tears in her eyes

Tried to smile the storm away

Told the doctors ‘She is ill

Please be patient with her still’

But harder than she ever had

She filled her lungs and barked out loud

‘You imbeciles! Where is the cure?!

Why by cancer must I go?!!’

‘Grace, please dear’, the other smiled

‘Give the doctors half a chance’

‘Half a chance is all they’ll get

After that, they’re all dead

I’ll see they never work again

This clinic is a disgrace!’

Their patience tested to the max

They tended to the old fuss-pot

A secret wish each doctor made

-If Death must take her, make it quick-

© 1999


…that’s pretty wry humour…by my 1999 ‘self’…hmmmm (my younger self definitely had a way of thinking…I wouldn’t even joke about cancer now…lost too many people to it) or maybe I’m being too hard on my younger ‘self’…ok next poem…