Oh…written in 2002…


Respect is the name of the game to play

Though rules be bent 

On anvils of intent

Though crime is paid

And sly is king

Though laughter ceases

When good comes clean

Though smiles are faceless

when the chips are in

Though anger holds pain

in time-locked vaults

When life’s work goes up in smoke

without a single hand to hold

Though brothers turn fiend 

in a bend too crooked

to straighten out

and sisters leave out

the rewrite of the thoughts

that come to min when they realise

they were wrong and you were right

Though mothers turn a blind eye

to the fight and fathers

cease to protect with their might

Respect is still the game to play

The ace you hold when you know

that you know

you are bigger than this

able to rise above the flaws

and be yourself without

dancing to the tunes of disrespect

Without the haggle and the struggle

of mind games that lead to

here; there; today; tomorrow

Respect the person you are

the heritage you leave behind

when you know your mind

is not inclined to dance a jig to their beat

because respect; self-respect is the

name of the game to play

© November 2002


…another interesting poem…was obviously planning for a lot of open mic sessions in 2002…can only remember performing this once…(was terribly shy as well…)