…very interesting title…written in 2002 (so was probably another no-nonsense poem)…seems definitely wrote a lot for open mic…(but didn’t perform them…or maybe I did…just kinda fizzled out of the open mic scene…for some reason, I cannot for the life of me remember…!!)


Let me wrap you round

my little finger

with sugar coated raps

Honey raps slide off my tongue

into your ear

bringing you near

to hear

even more raps

In the rappers’ galore

the hall of words

used as swords

to curve

the bent into smooth

the old into new

the cold into warm

the lost into found

racket into sound

turning you around

and around as you spin

in a non-stop dance

to rap

© November 2002


In brackets I have written

(all around sound and words)

(kiss and tell the world its flaws)

which my younger ‘self’ has also crossed out…so don’t know if that was the end of the poem or not…(if I could go back in time…would definitely want to go see 2002 ‘me’ at open mic and find out what the last two lines of this poem really are…)