another interesting title…written in 1999…I’m sure there is some poem I wrote earlier about dance…(I think)


I danced last night

Till my feet hurt

And dance became me

And I became dance

And the music swayed me

Drugged by the beat

Living with the rhythm

Dancing in heat

To the music of my feet

To the music of my arms

My waist and my hips

Gyrating with a frenzy

I was not who I’d become

Dancing to a song yet unknown

To a freedom newly found

To the knowledge that I can

Be who I have become

Without the rhythm

And the drug of music pounding on

I could lead the life I live

With decisions I won’t grieve

Create a rhythm that’s within

From the ‘do’s’ and the ‘don’ts’ I feel

I could listen to my song

Sow seeds that would belong

To the pattern of my life

Without putting up a fight

I could be who I had become

Drugged by the music that was drummed

Late last night into a song

Music that my feet had found

© 1999


Interesting…almost can hear the drums…(have no idea what inspired my younger self to write this poem…was it real or imagined music?)