Yep…written in 2000…beginning to recognise poetry written by my younger self in 2000…the evangelist!


He will stand by and let us soar

He will catch us if we fall

And if the way becomes too rough

We find counsel in His words

We are His people, first of all

He has already conquered the world

We will be light burning bright

If we seek His kingdom first

See the gash in His side

That’s the blood He shed for us

We are the reason He bore the cross

He conquered death to redeem us

If we falter on the way

Grasp the word He sends to us

To turn that He could forgive us

As we forgive our trespassers

In diligence and hard work

The earth will yield its fruit to us

As we give the first fruits of our crop

Good measure, shaken together is poured in our laps

And when we stand astride the world

Glorious in His living word

We can boast in the Lord

That He has conquered all for us

© 2000


Yep…the evangelist..(my younger self in 2000)…pretty deep…