okay…interesting title…written in 1999


If the truth be told

You are worth your weight in gold

Memories of yesterday

Repeat themselves in sweet array

Today is what we’ve always had

Peace we find in each other’s arms

The Lord this union truly blessed

You are ranked amongst the best

If my life I live again

I wouldn’t want to change a thing

Anxious that our paths should cross

And the sweet joy I find within your arms

Should start again like yesterday

Today my joy is in your trust

Worth more than gemstones ages old

My world is made complete with you

More than pen to paper could ever tell

And if this sweetest dream I live

Should ever cease; don’t weep for me

For the joy you bring will stay with me

Throughout all eternity

© 1999


I have no idea who my younger self wrote this poem for…(trying to think…but can’t…I know mr young playa was still flitting in and out of my life though…)