I’m very sure…I have come across this poem already…can’t remember when written…about 1993 or so


Search – despite the ravage of time

Despite the cries and the crime

Till you find yourself

Search-amidst the ravines and valleys

The gullies and monuments of life

Search – amongst the good

Search – amongst the bad

Search – amongst the crowd of shadows, shuffling, in the dark

Search – till you tire from searching

Search – till your heart breaks

Search – keep searching 

Till you find yourself

And when you tire

And lie fainting

Search – Deep

Into your soul

Search – the recesses of your mind


Only then

Will you find yourself

© circa 1993?


I’m sure I saw this poem in previous collection…maybe my ‘younger self’ edited it…(bet it was 2002 ‘me’!) I really shouldn’t be scared of 2002 ‘me’…(aint I supposed to be all -been there; done that…?)